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More harmony and openness in your partnership

Compare your sexual preferences without the risk of being rejected

Every partnership is a great challenge, and more often than not the biggest problem is open and honest communication. How many misunderstandings could be cleared up simply by talking about them?! How many wishes could be granted if the other person just knew about them?! When it comes to sexual preferences, communication becomes particularly difficult.

Everyone has their own needs and expectations which in some cases are hard to communicate, most of all out of fear of rejection. What for one person can fulfill their desires, can make their partner feel ashamed or even disgusted. But what about if your partner feels exactly the same way?! What if there are actually many things you have in common, but your partner never knew because they, like you, were afraid to talk about them.

This is where this website comes in. We want to help couples to exchange their preferences without having to be afraid of making a fool out of themselves. The process is very simple:

  1. One of the partners creates an anonymous Account
  2. Both partners can now anonymously fill out a profile with their preferences. This cannot be seen by your partner
  3. The profiles will be automatically be compared and checked for matches and similarities in the system and a report will be produced. Any details which do not match will stay hidden forever
  4. You can purchase this report for a small fee.

If one partner has, for example, a very exotic preference which the other partner does not want to do, the partner will never hear about it.

Finally, it’s not just about comparing sexual preferences. We want to promote communicate on a sensitive topic and in this way help relationships become more harmonious and open.

You can find more information in our FAQs.


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