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1. Is this service truly 100% anonymous?
We do not collect or save any personal data. Your entries are anonymous. You can find more information under Data Privacy Protection.

2. How are my preferences kept secret from my partner
Your partner should not be present while you are working on your preferences. After saving your data, it can no longer be edited or viewed. The same applies to your partner. The final result only shows preferences, which both partners have.

3. How is harmony determined?
You can choose from four different options for every preference:

  1. I like
  2. I can imagine
  3. For the sake of my partner
  4. I don’t like

Conformity results from the following information:

Complete harmony between the partners results if the following combination of a preference is shown:

Partial harmony exists if the following combination of a preference is shown:

In the case of some preferences, a distinction is made between active and passive. For these preferences, the active preference is compared to the partner’s passive preference. Here is an example.

4. What does this service cost?
You can find information on our prices in our price list.

5. What happens to the entered data? Why is statistical data queried?
Your data is used for statistical purposes, which benefit research. This does not cause any disadvantages for you, given that you are anonymous on our site. We are interested in learning how the preferences of the sexes differ in various countries.

6. How does payment work?
Payment is carried out through an external provider. Here, we use the MyCommerce solution ShareIt from Digital River. This is a reputable payment provider, which operates worldwide and offers you your regionally customary payment methods. Our site was programmed so that a connection cannot be made between the payment processing and your anonymous account. Your preferences remain anonymous and safe even after payment processing has been completed.

7. What do you do for the protection of minors?
The protection of minors is extremely important to us. We do not use any pornographic contents on our website. Merely sexual preferences are listed, which are not described in more detail. We see our service as a respectable offer to improve communication.

8. I have detected an error or have ideas for improvement
Please use our contact form. We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

9. Why should we use this service?
Pimp-Up-Passion This service is intended to help in communicating on a very sensitive subject. Our hope is that you will be able to talk to your partner about subjects which you could not imagine talking about before. Our project is intended to lead you to more trust and satisfaction. We would like to provide your relationship with more spark and harmony. Give it a try!

10. Questions regarding the order and payment process?

11. How is the product provided?
Given that our service is anonymous, we cannot send you the comparison via email. ShareIt confirms the receipt of your payment to us in real time. When paying with a credit card, we are normally informed of payment receipt within a few seconds. Other payment methods such as prepayment e.g., can take several days. As soon as we have been informed of the receipt of your payment, you can view your preference comparison via the Preference Comparison category.